Poetry can be a very personal endeavor, and this collection is no exception. In terms of content, I was blown away by the way in which Ira bared his soul, his challenges, his pain, his triumphs, and his own humanity – which, for all us us, is a constant struggle between good and evil and has been since the beginning of time. There were times in reading this collection in which I felt Ira’s emotion come through such as at the loss of his friend, Ron, and definitely at the loss of his mother. Ira’s choice to use couplet rhymes throughout most of this work was also a personal one, and I think it worked surprisingly well for most of the poems. My favorite poems were “Life is a Blessing” and “Thank You, Lord”. The poem for his mother was touching and meaningful. The ode to the MacArthur Class of ‘84 brought back high school nostalgia for me. The short gangster story and “Dark Side” could have both been short narrative films (think about writing a couple of screenplays). “Lady Justice” was short, sweet, and to the point, and the poem about your cousin, Lisa, was genuine and heartfelt. I LOVED the poem “Nurse” as well. Your daughter must feel such pride that you “see”her in this way. And, whoa!!!! That last poem, “My Life as a Child” – what…a…revelation! If you ever do a 2nd edition of this collection, please include the hotline phone number or website to make it easy for anyone to report. Thank you, Ira, for sharing yourself so sincerely in this poetry collection. Continue to hone your craft. Continue to write. Continue to share.

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